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FAIR'N GREEN is a holistic sustainability assessment which integrates business, environmental and societal goals. All wine estates are third party audited and adhere to the fair'n green sustainability standards. We rely on a combination of consultation, review and certification. Consultatition and certification are strictly separated in two independent organisations. FAIR‘N GREEN wine estates are subject to the guidelines of the FAIR and GREEn e.V. association. These stipulate that every wine estate demonstrably establishes sustainability measures and carries them out permanently. Within the scope of the holistic approach to sustainability, the entire mangement, the outdoor operations, the cellar managment and the marketing are constantly optimized. To this end, all wine estates are annually reviewed in the scope of a management audit, the measures are documented and the success is evaluated.

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 „I am convinced that FAIR‘N GREEN ensures that food production happens exactly the way consumers want it to be: fair to nature and people, regional and sustainable.“

Parliamentary undersecretary Ulrich Kelber, Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

Mechthild Heil

“One not always needs to enact a new law – Everyone can do something to make the world a little bit better”

Mechthild Heil



Congresswoman Mechthild Heil, spokesperson for consumer protection of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, talks about the system for sustainable winemaking, FAIR and GREEN.

The FAIR and GREEN association receives further support from politicians: congresswoman Mechthild Heil, spokesperson for consumer protection of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, actively supports the system for sustainable winemaking in a recent press release: “Sustainability is not only a trend, but I am convinced that every single one of us, consumers just as well as businesses, can take responsibility for our environment and the society. (…) I’m happy that regional products are being developed further and winemaking in the Ahr region can improve its already outstanding reputation.

Please take into account that this statement has been translated by us and does not constitute an official translation. You may therefore find the original press release in German on the website of congresswoman Mechthild Heil.

At FAIR and GREEN, leading wineries are developing means for sustainable winemaking: Environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and modern business management go hand in hand. As of January 2015 over 20 companies have joined the FAIR and GREEN initiative and taken the comprehensive sustainability audit of 150 criteria.

Wine Expert Markus del Monego on Advisory Board

Wine Expert Markus del Monego praises FAIR'N GREEN

Markus del Monego

Markus del Monego is on the Advisory Board of FAIR and GREEN

Markus del Monego, sommelier and wine expert, praises the sustainability standard FAIR'N GREEN. Markus del Monego won the ASI Sommelier World Championship in 1998 and carries the title Master of Wine since 2003, being the first person ever to unite these titles. His goal is to give people an understanding for the appreciation of enjoyment and high quality products. To this end, del Monego became part of the Advisory Board of the FAIR'N GREEN sustainibility system.

"The concept of Fair and Green is convincing. Working sustainably becomes more and more important in wine growing, in the cellar and in sales. Being considerate of the environment and keeping it in equilibrium with social and economic aspects - that is our challenge. Acting sustainably enables a more conscious approach to wine and can increase its quality. Ideally, there will be two winners: nature and human kind." - Markus del Monego

Slow Wine Expert Kai Wagner

Slow Wine Expert Kai Wagner on the Advisory Board

Kai Wagner Beirat Fair and Green

Kai Wagner ist jetzt im Beirat von Fair and Green

Kai Wagner to FAIR and GREEN: "The ecological crisis is currently the biggest threat to humanity. An inconvenient truth, as the problem can't just simply be delegated to politics or another instance. Every individual is called upon to contribute and we're all going to have to change our lives. FAIR and GREEN is the first holisitic approach in the world of wine to counter the problem and to seek, find and implement feasible solutions. The approach is right. Now it's up to the people and their effort to let actions follow."

Kai Wagner is an author for Slow Food magazine and together with Ulrich Steger author of the first Slow Wine guide in German: "Die Avantgarde der deutschen Winzer: Slow Wine und seine Erzeuger im Porträt" ( The Avant-Garde of German Wine Growers: Slow Wine and its Producers in Portrait) . In the book. the wine experts have portrayed 46 wine growers and clarified their principles and conducts. The book's aim is to compare and make comprehensible the myriad approaches to what is good and sustainable wine. Through his experience with well-known wine growers, Mr. Wagner will actively support the development of FAIR and GREEN e.V. on the advisory board.

Ulrich Kelber

Undersecretary Ulrich Kelber champions FAIR'N GREEN

Ulrich Kelber

Ulrich Kelber, parliamentary undersecretary for the Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection

"FAIR’N GREEN is one of the most exciting projects, which I learned about in the past few years. The cooperation of wine growers and scientists, i.e. theory and practice, the clear commitment to the common goal of sustainability with concurrent transparency along the way, has convinced me right off the start. That's why I support FAIR'N GREEN and advertise it in my political surroundings, so that as many people as possible look at the idea, the projects and the actors, as it might also be very useful in other areas of agriculture. I am convinced that FAIR'N GREEN ensures that food production happens exactly the way consumers want it to be: fair to nature and people, regional and sustainable."

Ulrich Kelber's Homepage

Impressions from the ProWein trade fair 2014

The members of FAIR'N GREEN were also in 2014 represented at the ProWein trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. We would like to share some impressions from the trade fair. The visitors of the trade fair were able to make sure of the quality of the sustainably produced products. At the same time, visitors could get into direct contact with the wine growers and FAIR and GREEN staff and inform themselves about the sustainability standard FAIR'N GREEN.

Appeal to commonsense

“An appeal to good common sense and good expert practice from among wine growers” is a focal advantage of the sustainability system FAIR'N GREEN according to Ulrich Sautter, author for Der Weinverstand Brief.

Ulrich Sautter über FAIR and GREEN (c) Ulrich Sautter

Ulrich Sautter covers FAIR and GREEN. Photorights © Ulrich Sautter / Photographer: Florian Bolk

“The large benefit of FAIR'N GREEN in this context is that it is an initiative from among the wine growers – an appeal to good common sense and good expert practice. The membership with associations – VDP or not VDP, ecological production, Biodyn or conventional viticulture – these questions play a minor or no role at all.

If this label was able to continuously guide businesses, that do not comply with all of the entry criteria (for example because it is a start – up or merge with weak economic base) of this concept, then FAIR and GREEN could be a huge success. Then an entity can be formed that is elitist and open at the same time; pluralistic and still not random. Whatever it turns out to be, it is something to look forward to.”

© Ulrich Sautter

The full report of the FAIR and GREEN press conference can be downloaded here.


Klaus Töpfer supports the initiative FAIR’N GREEN

FAIR and GREEN initiative gains another affiliate

Picture of Klaus Töpfer, former director of UNEP and Secretary of State for the Environment

The initiative FAIR and GREEN e.V. association has one more prominent supporter with Klaus Töpfer, who has already initialised important contributions to sustainable development as executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and prior to that as Federal Environmental Minister.

“I support the sustainability system FAIR and GREEN for German viticulture with great emphasis and hope that this is related with a clear signal for public and viticulture in general” says Prof. Töpfer.

Töpfer is currently director of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, which he also co- funded. The institute does interdisciplinary research on climate change, functioning of the earth system and other questions of sustainability.