Mechthild Heil

“One not always needs to enact a new law – Everyone can do something to make the world a little bit better”

Mechthild Heil



Congresswoman Mechthild Heil, spokesperson for consumer protection of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, talks about the system for sustainable winemaking, FAIR and GREEN.

The FAIR and GREEN association receives further support from politicians: congresswoman Mechthild Heil, spokesperson for consumer protection of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, actively supports the system for sustainable winemaking in a recent press release: “Sustainability is not only a trend, but I am convinced that every single one of us, consumers just as well as businesses, can take responsibility for our environment and the society. (…) I’m happy that regional products are being developed further and winemaking in the Ahr region can improve its already outstanding reputation.

Please take into account that this statement has been translated by us and does not constitute an official translation. You may therefore find the original press release in German on the website of congresswoman Mechthild Heil.

At FAIR and GREEN, leading wineries are developing means for sustainable winemaking: Environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and modern business management go hand in hand. As of January 2015 over 20 companies have joined the FAIR and GREEN initiative and taken the comprehensive sustainability audit of 150 criteria.

Wine Expert Markus del Monego on Advisory Board

Wine Expert Markus del Monego praises FAIR'N GREEN

Markus del Monego

Markus del Monego is on the Advisory Board of FAIR and GREEN

Markus del Monego, sommelier and wine expert, praises the sustainability standard FAIR'N GREEN. Markus del Monego won the ASI Sommelier World Championship in 1998 and carries the title Master of Wine since 2003, being the first person ever to unite these titles. His goal is to give people an understanding for the appreciation of enjoyment and high quality products. To this end, del Monego became part of the Advisory Board of the FAIR'N GREEN sustainibility system.

"The concept of Fair and Green is convincing. Working sustainably becomes more and more important in wine growing, in the cellar and in sales. Being considerate of the environment and keeping it in equilibrium with social and economic aspects - that is our challenge. Acting sustainably enables a more conscious approach to wine and can increase its quality. Ideally, there will be two winners: nature and human kind." - Markus del Monego

Press Release FAIR and GREEN e.V. – Top Wine growers contribute to climate protection

Some of the best German vineyards, including Georg Breuer, Philipp Kuhn, Meyer- Näkel, Ludi Neiss and St. Urbans- Hof, are going to start using lighter glas bottles in 2014. The associated FAIR and GREEN e.V. wine growers intend to contribute significantly to climate protection and reducing their CO2 footprint considerably.

"With this implementation we would like to give an example to the German wine industry. Is is important to us to both reduce our CO2 emission with the lighter bottles and to assert our customers the same quality of our bottles and wines," says Theresa Breuer from the Vineyard Georg Breuer.

For the CO2 balance of a vineyard the production of glas plays an important role. That is why the vineyards act on this matter to improve their CO2 balance. A so called "light" glas bottle for wine (0.75 litres) weights on the industry average approx. 390 gramms or less - a regular standard bottle still 480 gramms or more. Lighter bottles use up less resources and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Every gramm of glas accounts for approx. 0.8 gramm CO2. With a total amount of 100,000 bottles businesses can easily save approx. 7 tonnes CO2 annually simply from changing to lighter glas. The reduced fright weight adds to the reduction of CO2 emissions, which fortifies the effect.

"We intend to foster topics of the future with the initiative FAIR and GREEN and promote the sustainable developent of the German viticulture," explains Keith Ulrich, Chairman of FAIR and GREEN e.V.

"Changing to lighter bottles requires some effort - for all machines and packaging material is already set to a certain form," agrees Axel Neiss from the Vineyard Ludi Neiss. "But we are up to taking this challenge, if we can easily reduce our CO2 emissions."

Dörte Näkel from the Vineyards Meyer- Näkel adds "What has been a standard in Canada for a long time already, should also be implemented in Germany. For climate protection concerns us all and every individual makes the difference. For us wine growers the consequences of climate change are already visible."