Annual general meeting 2019

Bonn, 13 December 2019

The annual general meeting of FAIR and GREEN e.V. took place in Landau on December 09 and 10, 2019. In addition to numerous representatives of the 65 member companies of the association, many external players from the wine industry were invited to inform themselves about the activities of the association and to attend the lectures of the scientists of the universities Geisenheim and Neustadt.

Prof. Dr. Ilona Leyer and Prof. Dr. Eckhard Jedicke (Geisenheim University)

Winegrowing President Klaus Schneider (German Winegrowing Association)

Florian Reinert (FAIR and GREEN e.V.)

Tobias Zingerle (Winery Kaltern), Philip Apel (Wine Estate Hubertus M. Apel) and Philipp Kuhn (Wine Estate Philipp Kuhn)

Prize for the best young winegrower 2019

The prize for the best young winemaker of the year was awarded for the first time at the general meeting. The prize was awarded to the brothers Philip, Johannes and Matthias Apel from the Wine Estate Hubertus M. Apel in Nittel on the Moselle. As a prize, the Wine Estate received a place at the FAIR'N GREEN joint booth at ProWein 2020 from the Winery Kaltern in South Tyrol. Tobias Zingerle, Managing Director of the Winery Kaltern, was full of praise for the young winegrowers: "I am always delighted to see colleagues who are so enthusiastic about a topic at a young age, as in this case sustainability. Already in the first year of certification, it became clear that the brothers of the Hubertus M. Apel winery are developing in all areas of the business towards the most sustainable way of doing business possible".

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Jedicke (Geisenheim University)

Dr. Matthias Petgen (DLR-Rheinpfalz)

Internationalisation of FAIR and GREEN e.V.

At the same general meeting the previous board members Theresa Breuer, Cornelius Dönnhoff, Reinhard Löwenstein, Philipp Kuhn and Dr. Keith Ulrich were confirmed in office. In order to do justice to the increasing internationalisation of the system, Tobias Zingerle from the Winery Kaltern in South Tyrol and Monica Hasler from the Wine Estate Rütihof in Switzerland were added to the Board of Directors.
In addition, for the first time country representatives have been appointed for the other countries in which the FAIR'N GREEN sustainability seal is already in use. These are for France Mélanie Pfister (Domaine Pfister), for Austria Erich Berger (Wine Estate Berger) and for Israel Eran Pick (Tzora Vineyards).

Prof. Dr. Claudia Kammann (Geisenheim University)

Andrea Wirsching (Wine Estate Hans Wirsching)

Markus Pfaffmann (Wine Estate Karl Pfaffmann)

Markus Pfaffmann (Wine Estate Karl Pfaffmann)

Peter Albrecht (Wine Estate Albrecht-Kiessling) and Andrea Moser (Winery Kaltern)

Ute Hahn (Wine Estate Hahn), Philipp Kuhn (Wine Estate Philipp Kuhn) and Dr. Keith Ulrich (FAIR and GREEN e.V.)

photos: Fair and Green e.V. / Simon Rühl