Looking ahead

Crisis and hope - excerpts from the essay by Bernhard von Mutius of the website changeX

"Will it be different this time? The big question. Almost as moving as the question of how long it will all last: the threat of the virus, the state of emergency, the crisis. We don't know that, no one can know that. Nevertheless, even in this situation of fundamental uncertainty, there are traces, signs that point the way back to the future. They are still weak and shimmering, irritating like a light signal on the horizon. But there are. A search for traces."

"Sustainability: Now is the time to rethink the issue of sustainability: Was what we have done so far really sustainable? Or was it simply an attempt to leverage efficiency potential? Which is not wrong, just rather one-sided. And if efficiency: What will happen to our value chains in the future? What can we organize more regionally? Not only in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. How can we leverage not only efficiency potential but also innovation potential across industries? Shouldn't we take a closer look at this? A closer look can mean, for example, that small and medium-sized enterprises should now (if they have not already done so) set up effective climate protection solutions and carry out a sustainability assessment. And to see how others are doing it, who are pioneers in this field. Viessmann, for example, innovation leader in heating, already produces CO2-neutral today; or the Fair'n Green network, which is establishing a seal of sustainability in viticulture. Innovation and sustainability will belong together. Now we can set new standards that will revolutionise entire industries in the future. Looking also means: becoming more mindful overall. This is part of the culture of creative cooperation: creatively taking responsibility for our actions and our environment. Greta would ask: If you can act so quickly now to save your life today - why can't you do the same to save the lives of future generations tomorrow?"

You can find the complete essay on the website of changex.de.

About the author:

Dr. Bernhard von Mutius (born 1949)

Bernhard von Mutius is Senior Advisor and member of the teaching team of the School of Design Thinking, co-founder of the Denkbank, founding member of the "New Club of Paris", advisory board of the Club of Rome schools, advisory board of the journal Internationale Politik, contributor to the network "Denkwerk Zukunft - Stiftung kulturelle Erneuerung". He has been working for many years as a strategic consultant for business and politics and as a facilitator of change processes.


Dr. Bernhard von Mutius
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photo: Copyright by Richard Pichler, as well as Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein / Bernhard von Mutius