Sustainable Winemaking with FAIR'N GREEN

FAIR'N GREEN is the system for sustainable viticulture. It covers the areas of management, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The wineries are yearly audited by sustainability experts and subject to the standard of FAIR and GREEN e.V. which puts forth high requirements in all areas of sustainability.

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Wine Estate Jean Stodden

„Working in harmony with the nature to ripen the wine to perfection.“ – Alexander Stodden Alexander Stodden      The  vineyard                                                      The winery Since 1578, ...
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Wine Estate Hahn

"We were enthusiastic about the holistic concept of FAIR'N GREEN right from the start. According to our philosophy "wine reflects the landscape in which it has grown and the people who care for it", we have been trying for several years to produce our wines as sustainably as possible. It ...
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Wine Estate Hans Wirsching

"Thinking in generations - as a family business this is self-evident for us. Sustainability is important for our soils, our vineyards and for the people who work and live here. We have been working herbicide-free for years and now we finally have the tools to assess the different areas of ...
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