Sustainable Winemaking with FAIR'N GREEN

FAIR'N GREEN is the system for sustainable viticulture. It covers the areas of management, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The wineries are yearly audited by sustainability experts and subject to the standard of FAIR and GREEN e.V. which puts forth high requirements in all areas of sustainability.

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Wine Estate Wilker

"Our family and our wine estate have always lived and worked sustainably. In the future, we want to continue to achieve this together with our employees. To let future generations benefit from it, FAIR'N GREEN gives us valuable tips and suggestions. We were particularly pleased that sustainability for FAIR'N GREEN ...
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Wine Estate Siener

"By becoming a member of FAIR'N GREEN, we want to have our sustainable production certified, which translates into more transparency for our customers and even more sharing and control at every step in our work, and we believe it will optimize our operations in many areas - our contribution to ...
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Winery Dreissigacker

„For us, sustainable work and climate neutrality are essential for the further development of Dreissigacker and ultimately the key to success. In line with our vision, we want to share and promote knowledge in the community and, above all, develop it as a team. In many areas, we are already ...
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