Sustainable Winemaking with FAIR'N GREEN

FAIR'N GREEN is the system for sustainable viticulture. It covers the areas of management, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The wineries are yearly audited by sustainability experts and subject to the standard of FAIR and GREEN e.V. which puts forth high requirements in all areas of sustainability.

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Estate Bamberger

"Sustainability - the term has almost become a buzzword. But we at the wine estate Bamberger do not just want to have a say in it - we want to participate and think about sustainability. Hence being a member of Fair and Green is a self-evident for us because this ...
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Wine Estate Reinhold Haart

„Responsible use of the cultural product wine has been our family’s motive for generations. FAIR and GREEN supports us in today’s time to understand the interconnections of our work, in order to be competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s market.“ Vineyard Reinhold Haart Piesport The Haart family has cultivated a vineyard ...
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Estate Nelles

The winery was mentioned in documents under the name Nellis in 1479. From the local interest index it is mentioned that Peter Nelis is the tenant of a “wyngartz at the buysch portzen”. For this property an unusually high interest rate was paid to the lords of the castle “Landskrone” ...
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