Sustainable Winemaking with FAIR'N GREEN

FAIR'N GREEN is the system for sustainable viticulture. It covers the areas of management, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The wineries are yearly audited by sustainability experts and subject to the standard of FAIR and GREEN e.V. which puts forth high requirements in all areas of sustainability.

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Wine Estate Künstler

“I’m with FAIR’N GREEN because it’s a realistic, authentic and honest certificate – oriented towards the future: It shows the consumer true sustainability of the producers!” – Gunter Künstler Like many wineries the Künstler wine estate is looking back at a long history but dating back to the year 1648 ...
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Craftmanship at Wine Estate Clemens Busch Mosel Sustainable Wine from Germany

Wine Estate Clemens Busch

 “To me, as a long-practising organic wine grower, it is important to also integrate other aspects of sustainable viticulture into my work. In addition to this, the system FAIR’N GREEN will lead to a possible development of currently conventional wine growers into the direction of an ecological and sustainable mode ...
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Wine Estate Möhr-Niggli

"From the moment we plant vines in the soil, we influence a natural cycle. Long-term responsibility and a holistic view of this cycle are prerequisites for our work in the vineyard and cellar. We share this conviction with FAIR'N GREEN." - Wine Estate Möhr-Niggli Wine Estate Möhr-Niggli The wine estate ...
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