"We spare no effort nor make any compromise in our striving to create outstanding wines of character. Vineyard yields are reduced to a minimum so that the vines can concentrate their entire strength in just a few grapes that are then picked by hand. Our highly motivated team shares not just our passion for wine, but also our desire for perfection."

Wine Estate Baron di Pauli

The wine estate Baron Di Pauli consists of two wine farms: the “Arzenhof” in Caldaro and the “Höfl unterm Stein” in Söll near Tramin.

The 10.5-hectare Arzenhof is located above the Kalterer Lake in a perfect location for red wine growing. The vineyards of the estate are located 250 to 400 m above sea level on a southeastern slope. The wines “Kalkofen”, “Carano” and “Arzio” are cultivated in these special vineyards.

The estate "Höfl unterm Stein" with its 4.5 hectares of vineyards is located in Söll above Tramin. On the south-east slope, which is between 480 and 550 m high, the white grape varieties find ideal conditions on strong, loamy limestone gravel soils. The wines "Enosi", "Exilissi" and "Exilissi Sell" come from these locations.

In addition to its wine production, the estate also maintains apartments that invite you to linger on the idyllic Lake Caldaro.



The winery Baron Di Pauli is one of the most traditional wine-growing businesses in South Tyrol. The winery has existed for over 300 years and supplied among other things already the court of the Austrian Empire as well as the Tsar's court in St. Petersburg.

The family from Carano in Val Di Fiemme settled in Caldaro in the 18th century. The name Di Pauli quickly became associated with the town of Kaltern am See. For a period of 25 years, even the entire Lake Kaltern was owned by the Di Pauli family, until it was bought by the municipality of Kaltern in 1901.

From Baron Pius Di Pauli (97), the administration of the winery went to Dr. Ing. Carl Philipp Baron Hohenbühel a few years ago. He was also responsible for the merger with Cantina Kellerei Kaltern in 1998. There, the winery produces wines for the premium segment of the cooperative.

Weingut Baron di Pauli

Via delle Cantine 12

I-39052 Caldaro BZ

Tel. +39 0471 966067


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