Estate Scherr

“As a manager and above all as a family man with three children, I have long been aware of my responsibility to the environment and future generations. That’s why I try to think and work sustainably. However, many potentials have been lost in everyday life or have not been used for lack of knowledge.

Thanks to FAIR’N GREEN we have now intensively examined all areas of our winery and discovered further potentials for sustainable development. As a new member, I am looking forward to the exchange with the Fair and Green colleagues and I promise to be able to integrate the idea of sustainability even more in all areas of operation.”

The Winery

The family business “Estate Scherr”, existing since 1782, cultivates vines on an area of approx. 20 ha. The varietal mirror contains all the grape varieties typical of the region, including Riesling, Dornfelder, Mueller-Thurgau, Scheurebe and all Burgundy varieties.

After completing his viticulture and oenology studies in Geisenheim, Andreas Scherr took over the management of the full-time farm in the southern Palatinate in 2002. Sensitive work with soil, vine and nature are the principles of the work of the Scherr family. In addition to a barrel production of about 20%, the company lives mainly by the direct marketing of its wines.

The winery attaches great importance to a quality and environmentally conscious production and is involved in additional areas such as the carrier of the initiative of the hail flyer e.V. or as chairman of the local pheromone user community to the confusion of the grape moth. In particular, participation in the initiative “demonstration plants integrated crop protection” (since 2014) is of great importance for the winery Scherr. The company relies on continuous training in the field of crop protection. Likewise, there is a focus on the application of alternative plant protection methods and their practical implementation.

The winery hosts numerous wine-related events, such as Wine tasting, viticulture and wine seminars, music afternoons. Socially, the winery is involved, for example in the school garden of the Max-Slevogt-Gymnasium.

Estate Scherr 

Karl-Stein-Straße 9
D-76835 Hainfeld


Tel. 06323-3777

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Location of the estate Scherr
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