From 17th to the 19th of March, the leading gathering of wine professionals and enthusiasts worldwide will be taking place in Düsseldorf for the twenty-fifth time - and of course Fair'n Green will be represented again. After many successful years as an exhibitor at the fair, we are taking the next step this year: for the first time we organized a large joint booth together with some of some of our member companies. We would be delighted if you would visit us and our members in hall 13 at booth E124 / F124!

Visit the following sustainable winemakers at the FAIR'N GREEN stand at Hall 13 / E124:

  • Wein- und Sektgut Bamberger (Nahe)
  • Weingut Emil Bauer & Söhne (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Berger (Kremstal)
  • Weingut Birkert (Württemberg)
  • Horcher Wein (Pfalz)
  • Kellerei Wilhelm Kern (Württemberg)
  • Weingut Philipp Kuhn (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Lubentiushof (Mosel)
  • Weingut Neiss (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Baron Di Pauli (Südtirol)
  • Weingut Karl Pfaffmann (Pfalz)
  • Weingut Egon Schmitt (Pfalz)

On Monday at 3 pm, the President of the Sommelier Union Germany, Peer Holm, together with Prof. Dr. med. Dominik Durner from Weincampus Neustadt asks: "Can you taste sustainability?" Using the example of four selected wines, the facets of sustainability are examined and discussed in detail. We are looking forward to your visit. Registration for the event is not required.

Please check out the Facebook-Event here.

In addition, many other FAIR'N GREEN companies are also represented at ProWein. You can visit them at the following stands and taste their wines:


  • Domaine Pfister (Elsass) Halle 11 Stand F18
  • Weingut Kirsten Schlossgut Liebieg (Mosel) Halle 13 Stand A75
  • Weingut Reverchon (Mosel) Halle 13 Stand A90
  • Weingut Witwe Dr. H. Thanisch – Erben Müller-Burggraef (Mosel) Halle 13 Stand C81
  • Weingut Karl Pfaffmann (Pfalz) Halle 14 Stand A22
  • Weingut Blankenhorn (Baden) Halle 14 Stand A49
  • Weingut Scherr (Pfalz) Halle 14 Stand B44
  • Weingut Siener (Pfalz) Halle 14 Stand C02
  • Weingut Georg Breuer (Rheingau) Halle 14 Stand C89
  • Weingut Prinz Salm (Nahe) Halle 14 Stand C89
  • Weingut Braunewell (Rheinhessen) Halle 14 Stand D39
  • Weingut Jung & Knobloch (Rheinhessen) Halle 14 Stand D39
  • Weingut Mario Zelt (Pfalz) Halle 14 Stand D40
  • Weingut Künstler (Rheingau) Halle 14 Stand E40
  • Weingut Dönnhoff (Nahe) Halle 14 Stand E46
  • Weingut Nik Weis – St. Urbans-Hof (Mosel) Halle 14 Stand E50
  • Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein (Mosel) Halle 14 Stand E50
  • Weingut Clemens Busch (Mosel) Halle 14 Stand E50
  • Weingut Haart (Mosel) Halle 14 Stand E50
  • Weingut Karthäuserhof (Mosel) Halle 14 Stand E50
  • Weingut von Othegraven (Mosel) Halle 14 Stand E60
  • Weingut Schloss Sommerhausen (Franken) Halle 14 Stand E60
  • Weingut Meyer-Näkel (Ahr) Halle 14 Stand E66
  • Rotweingut Jean Stodden (Ahr) Halle 14 Stand E66
  • Weingut Nelles (Ahr) Halle 14 Stand E66
  • Cantina Kaltern (Südtirol) Halle 15 Stand G71
  • Weingut Thomas Leithner (Kamptal) Halle 17 Stand B10
  • Weingut Wohlmuth (Steiermark) Halle 17 Stand C42