Fair'n Green at the ProWein Media Summit

Bonn, 27 November 2019

This year's ProWein Media Summit took place on 21 November 2019. It was held under the motto "Our climate - what are the effects of the changes on the wine industry and how is the industry dealing with them?”

Dr. Keith Ulrich, Chairman of the Board of Fair'n Green, Prof. Dr. Simone Loose and winemaker Jochen Schmitt also gave lectures as part of the programme, which was developed in cooperation with the University of Geisenheim.

Dr. Keith Ulrich

Prof. Dr. Simone Loose gave the introductory lecture on the subject.

In his presentation, Dr. Keith Ulrich addressed the role of climate change in viticulture and, in this context, the role of sustainability and climate neutrality.

Winegrower Jochen Schmitt from the wine estate Egon Schmitt gave a lecture to international journalists on his company's commitment to holistic sustainability and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Prof. Dr. Simone Loose

The wine estate Egon Schmitt has been Fair'n Green certified since 2014 and climate neutral since 2016.


Foto: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann