FAIR’N GREEN deepens cooperation with Lars Neumeister

FAIR'N GREEN deepens the cooperation with pesticide experts Lars Neumeister

Since 2014 the FAIR and GREEN e.V. association cooperates successfully with the pesticide expert Lars Neumeister, publisher of the “Pesticides Black list” for Greenpeace. More recently Mr. Neumeister is also a member of the association's advisory board and advises wineries on questions of sustainable plant protection.
Within the framework of FAIR'N GREEN, the association works with Mr. Neumeister on a modern method (Toxic Load Indicator) to evaluate and compare the potentially harmful effects of plant protection products to humans and the environment. The aim of this approach is to minimize the input of environmental toxins and to protect consumers as well as operators from negative environmental effects. FAIR'N GREEN is successfully pursuing an innovative method for the optimization of plant protection. It can be applied by all wineries, no matter which development level they are currently applying. The use of the Toxic Load Indicator allows a neutral comparison of biological and conventional plant protection. It is found that the biologically-operating wineries mostly achieve very low toxicity assessments. However, it is also shown that even nominally conventional wineries, can achieve a very low toxicity value, if managed which are competent and environmentally friendly. Due to the overall average toxicity of the copper supplements used in organic cultivation, it is possible that some 'conventional' wineries even fall below this value.
Therefore, FAIR'N GREEN is consciously working with modern ecologically operating as well as and modern 'conventional' operating wineries. The association does not believe in the sole comparison or distinction, biological vs. conventional handling, especially in the field of plant protection.
It is no longer up-to-date. Agriculture in general and viticulture in particular, must change in order to make its contribution to environmental and climate protection.
By analyzing the plant protection products used, the members of FAIR'N GREEN receive concrete indications to ensure that their plant protection is as environmentally friendly as possible. An indicator for the success of the new method is the adaption to improved spray sequences to be achieved normally within a year.

Lars Neumeister:

"FAIR'N GREEN demonstrates how pesticide reduction can take place in best practice. Herbicides are no longer supposed to be used in vineyards that can be reached mechanically. The Toxic Load Indicator shows potential improvements and serves as the yardstick for continuous advancement in the wine-growing business."
Further information on the topic of plant protection at FAIR'N GREEN can be found in the standard for sustainable viticulture of the FAIR and GREEN e.V. This prohibits, among other things, the use of all such substances, which prove to be particularly dangerous for humans and the environment. The analysis of the pesticide expert Lars Neumeister is decisive for the classification of plant protection products. Other organization such as the pesticide action network PAN, the WWF or Greenpeace work with the same criteria.




Zusammensetzung des Toxic Load Indicators

Compilation of the Toxic Load Indicator



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