Slow Wine Expert Kai Wagner

Slow Wine Expert Kai Wagner on the Advisory Board

Kai Wagner Beirat Fair and Green

Kai Wagner ist jetzt im Beirat von Fair and Green

Kai Wagner to FAIR and GREEN: "The ecological crisis is currently the biggest threat to humanity. An inconvenient truth, as the problem can't just simply be delegated to politics or another instance. Every individual is called upon to contribute and we're all going to have to change our lives. FAIR and GREEN is the first holisitic approach in the world of wine to counter the problem and to seek, find and implement feasible solutions. The approach is right. Now it's up to the people and their effort to let actions follow."

Kai Wagner is an author for Slow Food magazine and together with Ulrich Steger author of the first Slow Wine guide in German: "Die Avantgarde der deutschen Winzer: Slow Wine und seine Erzeuger im Porträt" ( The Avant-Garde of German Wine Growers: Slow Wine and its Producers in Portrait) . In the book. the wine experts have portrayed 46 wine growers and clarified their principles and conducts. The book's aim is to compare and make comprehensible the myriad approaches to what is good and sustainable wine. Through his experience with well-known wine growers, Mr. Wagner will actively support the development of FAIR and GREEN e.V. on the advisory board.