“I’m with FAIR’N GREEN because it’s a realistic, authentic and honest certificate – oriented towards the future: It shows the consumer true sustainability of the producers!”

– Gunter Künstler

Like many wineries the Künstler wine estate is looking back at a long history but dating back to the year 1648 is indeed impressive. Since the middle of the 17th century the family grows wine, however only since after the Second World War in the Rheingau of western Germany. A significant period of the wineries’ history is set in South Moravia, the most imporant wine- growing region of former Czechoslovakia. This may be the reason why we today find wines such as the Grüne Veltliner among the grape portfolio of the winery, which is more common in Austria oder Czechoslovakia than german wine growing regions. After the end of the Second World War the family had to leave South Mähren and settled in the Rheingau instead. The father of todays owner and manager, Gunter Künstler, worked as manager for severeal wineries in the region before (re)opening his own estate in 1965. Since 1988 Gunter Künstler takes charge for the development of the winery. In 1994 the winery was accepted into the VDP, german association for premium wineries. Since 2016 it is a member of FAIR’N GREEN and certified accordingly to the sustainability standard.

Get in contact with the winery:

Geheimrat-Hummel-Platz 1a
65239 Hochheim am Main
Tel. +49 (0) 6146 – 83860
fax. +49 (0) 6146 – 7335


Location of the winery Kuenstler