Wine Estate Reverchon

"We are a member of FAIR'N GREEN, because we want to make the old Saar Riesling tradition both sustainable and future-oriented in production, as well as to assume social responsibility for people and society.We regard future-oriented management within the vineyard Reverchon as indispensable. The first steps towards a responsible future have already been taken and we look forward to developing and promoting each other in exchange with our colleagues from Fair and Green. In the future, we would like to offer wine lovers light, invigorating wines as typical oft the Saar and trust the unique cultural landscape of the Saar in the interest of future generations. "

- Hans Maret and Ralph Herke, Winery Reverchon

As one of the great traditional wine estates of the Saar we are a manufactory for mineral, light Rieslings, as they are typical for the Saar, as well as highly awarded vintage sects. We cultivate centuries-old Riesling tradition in a contemporary way with environmentally friendly wine growing, the vinification with natural yeasts and temperature-controlled spontaneous fermentation. Our wines and sparkling wines are filigree, mineral, light and fragrant animating. REVERCHON has a long history. As early as 1685, the "privatization" of the former church vineyard took place. In 1921, it took over the Huguenot banking Reverchon family and built the estate to one of the most renowned companies in the Saar. Three generations later, the estate came through investment backlog, poor vineyard maintenance and quality of wine in the crisis.

Hans Maret ist Unternehmer und Eigentümer des Weinguts Reverchon

In 2007, the entrepreneur Hans Maret took over the winery. An extensive investment program in the listed buildings, the cellar technology and the vineyards followed, along with the establishment of a passionate, highly competent team. With the sole ownership of the Filzener Herrenberg, vineyards in the Filzener Pulchen, the Ockfener Bockstein as well as areas in Konz and Wiltingen, REVERCHON has the perfect basis for the production of large Saar wines and sects.

The south or south-west facing vineyards are predominantly steep slopes with gradients between 35 and 72%, which cause an optimal angle of incidence of the sun's rays and thus provide perfect conditions for the development of high-quality grapes. The quality of the grapes is preserved in all processes in the cellar. By natural sedimentation and controlled fermentation with yeasts own yeasts fruit flavors, layer characteristics and freshness of the wines are optimally preserved. The base wines are bottled after a long yeast storage in March. The vineyard wines remain on the yeast for another three months to first present themselves as characteristic individuals on the bottle in mid-June.

"We put a lot of emphasis on a sustainable and environmentally controlled management of our vineyards, many of which are deliberately done without the use of machinery to care for each individual vine, a late grape picking in several selections and a high proportion of old, partly rooty vines for wines of high density and complexity, always invigorating and light in alcohol with great depth, for pure drinking pleasure without remorse. "

- Wine Estate Reverchon

Weingut & Landhaus Reverchon

Saartalstraße 2 – 3
54329 Konz-Filzen

Tel. 06501- 923500
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By the way: in the attached country house of the winery you can also book a room for a short break.

Location of the winery Reverchon