The nucleus of Schlossgut Liebieg lies in the steep slopes of the Moselle in Klüsserath - and in Kobern-Gondorf a new, modern winery will be built soon. The focus is on the management of steep slopes - here Bernhard Kirsten unfolds his craftsmanship and passionately produces characterful Mosel wines in an ecologically and socially highly responsible manner. With over 22 hectares of steep slopes, Schlossgut Liebieg cultivates steep slopes that range from the Trittenheim pharmacy and the Klüsserather Bruderschaft to the Terrassenmosel in Winninger Hamm and Winninger Brückstück. Andreas Kreuter, Bernhard Kirsten and Inge von Geldern share the vision of a forward-looking company that produces outstanding wines from steep slopes.

Schlossgut Liebieg GmbH

Römerstraße 52
DE-56330, Kobern-Gondorf

Location of the vineyard