„Caring for nature has always been important to us and rightly plays an increasingly important role in the company and in the daily routine. In doing so, sustainability and biodiversity are directly related. In order to take into account all components and to be able to use the full potential in indoor and outdoor operations, we need a reliable and competent contact person who supports and guides us in these goals. We have made a clear decision in favor of FAIR'N GREEN and are thus making a clear statement for our future path.

- Vineyard Frey


Vineyard Frey

Because of its special location in the beautiful Breisgau, many vines of the vineyard Frey are protected from the winds of the Rhine valley and profit from the central location in the heating up valley basin in the same time. Due to springs rising from the vineyards, the slopes are protected from drought and offer with their variegated flora not only a wonderful scenery, but also a habitat for many animals. The history of the vineyard Frey started in the 15th century, when ancestors migrated from the canton Aargau via Basel and the Markgräfler County to the north of Breisgau to Denzlingen. In year 1775, they took over the guesthouse »Ochsen«, and with it the calling of winegrowing. Today the family business is run by Martin and Barbara Frey with the active support of their parents Martha and Otto Frey as well as all employees and family members.
The production of the vineyard is based on the premise of technical excellency, joy in experimenting, the passionate relationship with the product and lots of patience. Not to forget the environmentally friendly cultivation, which is an importan factor for the whole Frey family.  The combination of these premises and the site conditions leads to the excellent output. Because of the moderate climate with increased percipation, the south-west exposure, and the soils from weathered primary rock are perfect prerequisites for the longliving, unique slender, dry and mineral wines.


Weingut Otto & Martin Frey
Im Brühl 1
79211 Denzlingen/Breisgau

Tel.: +49 7666 5253
Mail: info@frey-weine.de
Website: www.frey-weine.de

picture: offered by Weingut Frey