„To us Fair and Green means for us  to take responsibillity. Take responsibility for our nature and our fellow humans, as well as fair trading towards our employees and our whole environment.

The Fair and Green e.V. offers an extensive consultation and support in these matters. Moreover, the exchange with colleagues is very important to achieve and maintain a constant improvement in terms of sustainability!“

- Vineyard Frieden-Berg


Vineyard Frieden-Berg

Among high dolomite- and limestonerocks, where the Obermosel borders Luxembourg and Germany, lies the vineyard Frieden-Berg in the wine village Nittel, run by Horst Frieden and his son Maximilian. Here also starts the so-called paris basin, a fossil sedimentation basin, which offers conditions for Mediterranean vegetation and small animals and has due to its special climate beneficial effects  on the winegrowing.  The vinyard Frieden-Berg, which was founded by the merge of two families, uses these requirements thoughtfully. They set the goal to create wines of high quality and with full taste. With the commitment to carefullness and quality, they remain fatihful to the tradtion of the vineyard. 

The for Nittel typical and  precious shell limestone soils offer the perfect condition to grow elegant Elbling-wines and different kind of Burgundy-wines. On these rich soils and because of the optimal climate, this region has the best base to cultivate wines of special taste and highest quality. With suprem standard of quality and the needed intuition, father and son generate wines for true taste sensations. Thereby they convince with the courage for new creations and innovative approaches.


Weingut Frieden-Berg GbR
Horst Frieden, Maximilian Frieden
Weinstraße 19
D- 54453 Nittel

Tel.:+49 (0) 6584 99 070
Fax:+49 (0) 6584 99 072



picture: offered by Weingut Frieden-Berg