“As a family winery, we have been living in, with and above all from nature for generations. This connection makes sustainable management indispensable! For us, FAIR’N GREEN is the perfect setting to evaluate our work, to exchange ideas with colleagues, to share our principles and of course to continuously optimize our actions. We look forward to being there! ”

- The Heussler family


Vineyard Heussler

The Heussler winery is located in the southern Palatinate town of Rhodt on the German Wine Route and is a classic family business in which wine has been lived for generations. With Nina and Maike Heussler, the younger generation is increasingly taking over the lead, but parents Jürgen and Regina are also still firmly involved in everyday life at the winery. The family jointly cultivate over eight hectares of vineyards on the edge of the Palatinate Forest, which include an exciting variety of soils such as red sandstone, marl limestone, loess-loam or Rotliegend. Mainly the traditional grape varieties of the region grow there, whereby many Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir vines are almost 50 years old.

It is the aim of the Heussler family to always bring the best possible quality to the bottle, regardless of whether they produce wine, sparkling wine or fine brandies. For this they rely on 100% manual work and family teamwork. As Regina Heussler says: "Everyone does everything here - with love".
The commitment pays off: the company has long been an insider tip among wine drinkers and the name Heussler should also be known to lovers of fine spirits. In the field of brandy production, the company recently received a state honor award and was also named "Worlds Best Craft Distillery 2021" at the Craft Spirits Berlin Awards.


Weingut - Destillerie Jürgen Heußler
Weyherer Str. 34/35
76835 Rhodt

Phone: +49 (0) 63 23 - 55 06
Fax: +49 (0) 63 23 - 25 37

Mail: Info@weingut-heussler.de
Website: www.weingut-heussler.de


Pictures: provided by Weingut - Destillerie Jürgen Heußler