„We're still a young vineyard in second Generation. Sustainability was an important factor for our family-run vineyard  since the beginning. We're happy to have found with FAIR’N GREEN a partner with whom we can pursue our path, while intensifying and constantly improving it.

We want to preserve our winegrowing characterised cultural landscape for the next generations - therefore for us sustainability is not only important for the work in the vines or in the cellar management. We understand sustainability also as social and cultural engagement in our region.“

- Vineyard Mayerle


Vineyard Mayerle

Amidst one of the most scenic landscapes, amog forests and vines, suited 150 meters above the Remstal, you can find the vineyard Mayerle i the beautiful countryside of Württemberg. The family-run vineyard manages 10 hectares vineyard. Thereby the family Mayerle shows great passion in the production of the fruity and refreshing white wines as well as the strong and full-bodied red wines, whereat their innovative ideas and uncompromised awareness of quality and tradition play a leading role. The wines  Trollinger, Lemberger, Spätburgunder, Kerner and Riesling count to the classics of the vineyard.

Since 2012 the family vineyard is run by Nina and Matthias Meyerle in second generation. They are energeticly supported by Nina's parents Theodor and Marianne Mayerle. After graduating her apparenticeship as a winegrower and a trainee in South Africa, Nina was also trained as a state-approved winery technician from 2002 to 2004.  During this time she met her husband - a Mosel-winegrower - Matthias.


Weingut Mayerle
Bauersberger Hof 19
73630 Remshalden
Fon: +49 7151 - 7 34 08
Fax: +49 71 51 / 97 76 48

pictures: contributed by Vineyard Mayerle