„The winegrowing has as an economic operator of permanent cultivations  a specific obligation to act with the environment carefully. Generations before lived from the nature und many following generations should be able to do that as well. Thereby the thought of sustainability helps us. To act responsible with resources and to use the nature consciously.

Especially the merger of FAIR'N GREEN foucuses on this thought. Together for a livable future, to develop her and to learn from each other. To work together on a future opportunity. We want to follow this path as well.

-  Vineyard Meulenhof


Vineyard Meulenhof

On the steep slopes above the Mosel, on blue shale and from the high iron content red coloured Rotliegend rock, grow the vines of the Meulenhof vineyard. The sun exposed slopes next to the  Mosel meanders offer with their mineral soils best conditions for the unique, delicate and fruity taste of the grapes. The different windings in the slopes give the wines the individual touch, which represents the respective impacts of the locations. This precious position has been well known ever since, so it's not surprising that the Meulenhof was mentioned for the first time  1337 already. After a long history it was owned by the Cistercian monastery Machern and served as a fruit and mill yard zu Erden during this time. In the course of the secularization by Napoleon, the family acquired the farm in 1802 and ran their winery from there. The Meulenhof winery was handed over to his son Stefan Justen in 1990, who continues to manage it with his wife Helma in the 7th generation.

In 2002 the Stephan Ehlen winery was acquired and integrated into the Meulenhof. In this they count on gentle processing and minimalistic intervention in the natural processes of the maturity. The special wines are obtained by time, natural preliminary sedimentation and temperature regulated fermentation, which therby they get their peculiarities, rough edges but also diversity and elegance. Especially the  Riesling  earns with its outstanding character national and international reognition year after year.



Weingut Meulenhof
Stefan Justen

Zur Kapelle 8
54492 Erden

Phone: +49 (0) 6532-2267
Fax: +49 (0) 6532-1552
E-Mail: info@meulenhof.de


Picture: Offered by Weingut Meulenhof