"We are a family business that has always relied on deeply rooted values. This also includes a love of nature and its preservation. We are not only committed to sustainability in the vineyard, because we want our entire system to be sustainable. FAIR'N GREEN helps us to become better and to focus on the right things. We hope that the next generations will be able to continue this centuries-old wine culture."

- Wine Estate Schmid Wetli



WETLI WINES is situated in Berneck, Switzerland.  Kaspar Wetli senior manages the wine estate near Lake Constance. He is supported by his wife Susanne and his four sons Kaspar junior, Matthias, Florian and Adrian. With the senior's experience, the innovative ideas of his sons, the intuition of the whole family and the commitment of the employees, the wine estate continues to live up to the traditions of the Berneck wine-growing community.

Soaked in the sun and protected by a quiet valley angle, the vineyards of WETLI WINES nestle on the southern slopes of the municipalities of Berneck and Au. Here the family business cultivates almost 18 hectares of vineyards with passion, heart and soul.


Tramstrasse 23
CH - 9442 Berneck
Fon: +41 71 / 747 90 90

Photo: provided by WETLI WINES