„We take responsibility for our fellow human beings, our family and the next generations. For us, sustainability implies the preservation of our agricultural business over the generations, as well as the preservation of the jobs of family members and employees and the preservation of the environment, the soil and the resources. We are delighted to be part of FAIR'N GREEN. This gives us the opportunity to review and sharpen our goals in accordance with the guidelines."

- Wine Estate Albrecht-Kiessling


Wine Estate Albrecht-Kiessling

The wine estate Albrecht-Kiessling is situated in Heilbronn. It has emerged from the vineyards of Gerhard Kiessling and Walter Albrecht. The viticulture in the Kiessling family can be proved since the year 1653 and at the Albrechts even since 1475. In 1990 the two families were united by the marriage of the owners of the wine estate Annette and Peter Albrecht. Three generations of the families Albrecht and Kiessling work on the wine estate.



The wine estate cultivates a vineyard of 13 hectares. With the excellent, sunny climate, numerous renowned red wine grape varieties can be cultivated in the region. This location advantage is a unique feature of the wine region of Württemberg in Germany. Fully ripe wines are refined in wooden barrels to rich, heavy red wines. The white wines are characterized by the fresh, tangy and fruity taste.


Weingut Albrecht-Kiessling
Im Breitenloch 37
74076 Heilbronn
Fon: 0 7131 / 178947
Fax: 0 7131 / 166825

Photo: provided by wine estate Albrecht-Kiessling