„In a business which has been operated by one familiy for many generations, sustainable values are not empty promises, but lived culture. I became member of FAIR and GREEN to document this lived culture.”

Weingut Blankenhorn

Weingut Blankenhorn Inhaber Martin Männer ist Mitglied bei FAIR'N GREEN - Nachhaltiger Weinbau Weingut Blankenhorn

The wine estate Blankenhorn was founded in 1847 by Johann Blankehorn and is nowadays managed by Martin Männer, who started his work in July 2014. The wine estate is located in Schliengen and consists out of an area of 23 hectars. Wine is understood as a value of culture and it is produced with passion for the region. The wine estate is member of VDP and known for the Gutedel, a classical grape variety of Baden.

Martin Männer worked as a lawyer before and is in charge of the wine estate since 2014. He had the right background for working in the wine sector: He was raised in a family of vinters and hobby wine makers.
The wine estate Blankenhorn is member of Fair and Green e.V. since the end of 2014. But also in the years before the wine estate was operated close to nature.

Due to the membership of Fair and Green e.V. sustainable viniculture is done with system. The wine estate is ambitous about environmentally friendly cultivation, fair working conditions as well as a sustainable value chain. Regard to this conditions it is possible to grow grapes for excellent red and white wines. The location of the vineyards is bassed on soil out of clay, marl and chalk. The wine estate produces not only wines and Gran Cru but also vinegar and sparkling wines.

The winery Blankenhorn is the first member of Fair and Green e.V. of  the area of Baden-Würtemberg.

For more information, visit: https://www.weingut-blankenhorn.de/

Location of the winery Blankenhorn