“For us, sustainable work on the vineyard as well as in the social environment with our team has been a topic for a long time, and we already took first steps! With the membership in FAIR’N GREEN we see a chance to put our ideas in this field into quantifiable numbers and to understand where we are standing in the process! The monitored further development is often forgotten in the hectic of daily routines and for that the topic is just too important for us! We hope to get to know ourselves better and to improve…”

– Theresa Breuer

Winegrower Theresa Breuer

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The wine estate Georg Breuer, which was established in 1880 by Bernhard Scholl and Albert Hillebrand as part of a wine retail, has been owned by the family Breuer since the beginning of the 20th century.

Peter Breuer handed the vineyards over to his son Georg (1910 – 1982) after whom it is still named. Georg Breuer expanded the vineyard and exports, his sons Heinrich and Bernhard Breuer expanded the wine growing areas in the 80s to more than 15 hectares and finally – with the acquisition of the monopoly Nonnenberg in the Rauenthal and others – reached a size of 33 hectares in best Rüdesheimer and Rauenthal sitings.

From the early 80s on Bernhard Breuer lead the wine estate to international reputation.

Inspired by high expectations, he advocated with large consequences the best quality possible for wine as well as the close connection between wine and culture.

After Bernhard, early and unexpectedly, passed away in May 2004 his daughter Theresa Breuer, together with Bernhard’s brother Heinrich Breuer and the long-time operations manager Hermann Schmoranz, dedicated themselves to running the business.

Today the operations are Theresa’s responsibility, still supported by Hermann Schmoranz and cellarer Markus Lundén. Marlene and Marcis Breuer support the business in administration and design.

Theresa reinforces the focus on the vineyard and the work taking place there.

The feeling for natural balance of sweetness and sourness, maturity and flavour dominates the stylistics of the wines produced under her influence.

For further information, visit: http://www.georg-breuer.com/

Location of the winery Georg Breuer