"Thinking in generations - as a family business this is self-evident for us. Sustainability is important for our soils, our vineyards and for the people who work and live here. We have been working herbicide-free for years and now we finally have the tools to assess the different areas of our work, resource use and crop protection. This, together with the open exchange between us, enables us to constantly improve. So that future generations can build on it."

- Wine Estate Hans Wirsching


Wine Estate Hans Wirsching

The Wirsching family has been growing wine in Iphofen for many generations. Dr. Heinrich Wirsching, the charismatic senior boss, has been building the largest private vineyard in Franconia from an insider tip since the 1960s. Meanwhile, his daughter Andrea Wirsching manages the 90 hectare estate with its 30 permanent employees.

The wines of the Wirschings grow on the slopes of the Steigerwald, the so-called "Keupersteps" of the Franconian Triassic. Gypsumkeuper consists of clay sediments, which were deposited in the time of the dinosaurs in a flat, swampy landscape. The gypsum layers were formed when the shallow waters dried up.

The Keuper wines have a dense, full minerality and a soft acidity. Typical are herbaceous notes, a fine fruit and a long aftertaste.

Silvaner, Riesling and Scheurebe are the most important wines of the wine estate. But Burgundy varieties are also becoming increasingly important in a climate similar to that of Burgundy 40 years ago. 90 % of the wines are matured dry. In all vineyards, work is carried out as environmentally friendly as possible and the use of insecticides, herbicides and copper is completely avoided.


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Photo: provided by wine estate Hans Wirsching