"Through fellow winemakers, we came across FAIR'N GREEN. Here we felt that this concept convinced us. All areas of resource conservation and environmental protection, from viticulture and cellar management to marketing, are taken into account. Exactly this corresponds to our opinion: Environmental protection in agriculture is so much more than the pure renunciation of means in plant protection! We would like to make our possible contribution to the protection and strengthening of our environment. We are looking forward to new ideas and the exchange among colleagues."

- Wine Estate Hechtmann


Wine Estate Hechtmann

The wine estate Hechtmann is situated in the middle of Ilbesheim in the Palatinate. Tina and Jens Hechtmann manage the wine estate. As a technician for winemaking and oenology they contribute knowledge and experience to the complex wine making process. Jens Hechtmann’s focus is the winemaking, and the work outside between the vineyards of the wine estate. Tina Hechtmann still enjoys the manual work in the vineyard and enjoys the labour with the guest house. The senior Kiefer from Ranschbach and Hechtmann support Tina and Jens Hechtmann with their experience from many decades of viticulture.

The estate manages 25 hectares of vineyards. Here you will not find wines with classic predicate names. The Hechtmann family resigned the naming of predicates years ago and markets all wines as quality wines. Special features are the wines from the layers Ranschbacher Seligmacher and Ilbesheimer Kalmit and the Cuvees " Geschwisterliebe" and "Nonno Alfredo".


Weingut Hechtmann
Alte Schulgasse 4 - 5
76831 Ilbesheim
Fon: 0 6341 / 32201
Fax: 0 6341 / 33774

Photo: provided by wine estate Hechtmann