“FAIR’N GREEN makes a significant and contemporary contribution to securing the future of German viticulture, to the development of a sustainable and ecologically responsible wine culture.”

– Sarah Löwenstein, Cornelia Heymann-Löwenstein and Reinhard Löwenstein. photo: A. Durst

Weingut Heymann- Löwenstein Schieferterrasse            Weingut Heymann- Löwenstein

 The vineyard  in summer                                                  The vineyard in winter

Wine Estate Heymann-Loewenstein

Bahnhofstraße 10
56333 Winningen

More than 400 million years ago, in the Devon era, Europe was still located south of the equator. In riverbanks, sediments from tropical soil accumulated and mingled with alluvial deposit from the seas. Fine clays and sand, mussels, coral reefs… Through the collision with the continent Gondwana, the silt condensed into slate. Today it towers as a steep rock out of the Mosel valley. What an astonishing achievement of our ancestors to break the stones in hard manual work, to erect walls and to create terraces. A unique cultural landscape. The vines, basically as a medium, sublimate the rocky soil into the glass and revive the primordial ocean as a taste.

Location of the wine estate