“There is no ‘whatever’. Every working step has to be logical. Therefore we trust in FAIR’N GREEN as modern system for sustainable viniculture.”

– Wine Estate Horcher

Kellermeister Wolfgang Grün und Inhaber Herbert Beltle vom Weingut Horcher Traubenlese bei dem Weingut Horcher

The history of the wine estate Horcher starts in 2005: Herbert Betle, the master chef, purchases a vinery in Kallstadt. Furhtermore he named a restaurant after the famous restaurant Horcher in Berlin. The restaurant Horcher has been the most famous restaurant in the first part of the last centurary. He named not only the restaurant but also the vinery with this famous name.

From beginning Herbert Betle has been working together with the winemaker Wolfgang Grün. He completed different internship in Austria, Spain, South Africa, the USA, Chile and Australia. The two men did a great job to make the vinery a modern business.

The vineyards are located in a one of the warmest regions of Germany which has also very low precipitation. The climatic conditions give the wines a flair of the mediterranean area. The harvest is totally done by hand. Due to the wine guide Eichelmann the vinery is one of the top thirty vineries of palantine. The vinery is member of Fair and Green e.V. since the end of 2014.

Wine Estate Horcher:

Freinsheimer Str. 86a

67169 Kallstadt/Weinstraße

Location of the winery Horcher