Our nature is very close to our heart. Therefore, as the sixth generation, we have chosen our own way to cultivate our vineyards as close to nature as possible with biodiversity. Living consciously, respecting nature and giving something back to a monoculture is our highest maxim. Since 2015, small Ouessant sheep have been helping us with year-round vineyard care.

Membership in FAIR'N GREEN was the next step in our development. Sustainable for humans, animals and nature is probably the greatest challenge we can face. With FAIR'N GREEN we have the opportunity to exchange experiences and gain new food for thought. Together with FAIR'N GREEN, we succeed in visibly communicating our sustainability, in becoming better through constant review and in finding new ways. Combining the new with the existing is the great opportunity of a generational enterprise to create the best possible effect for humans, animals and nature.

- Wine Estate Jean Buscher


Wine Estate Jean Buscher

The wine estate Jean Buscher was founded in 1844. Since 2015, Jean Raphael Buscher is managing the wine estate in the sixth generation. After he had completed his studies in Geisenheim, as well as some stays abroad, he became the successor together with his wife Nicole. Nicole is a trained sommelier and is currently studying viticulture in Geisenheim.

The wine estate is located in Bechtheim in Rheinhessen and cultivates 12 hectares of vineyards. Healthy vineyards and a self-contained ecosystem are the most important prerequisites for wines full of character. Thus, the wine estate Jean Buscher works according to the principle "as much as necessary, as little as possible". In order to work for, with and in nature, the aim is to make the vineyards more species-rich than ever.


Weingut Jean Buscher
Wormser Straße 4-6
67595 Bechtheim
Fon: +49 624 / 2872
Fax: +49 624 / 2875

Photo: provided by wine estate Jean Buscher