Weingut Karl Petgen Nachhaltiger Weinbau in Deutschland

“As a modern-minded company it is really important to us to tell our customers that they can enjoy our products in good conscience.”

For quite some time we have been searching for an association which pursues the goals FAIR’N GREEN addresses and enacts. Membership with an organic growers association was not an option for us, since these labels oftentimes focus only on the technical wine production itself. However, also social aspects contribute to entrepreneurial success. We therefore always put great emphasis in forming and keeping a great staff and try to bind the best people to our company through community spirit. Only the one who is feeling fine and likes to work in a company can contribute to its success. Many customers these days raise the issue of the company’s carbon emissions. Everyone should try to respect the environment while he is growing his business. As a modern-minded company it is really important to us to tell our customers that they can enjoy our products in good conscience. As Saarland wine estate we enjoy the advantage of short routes to our customers. 95% of our wines are consumed in this state. It is therefore also important to us to be working with suppliers and other companies from the region.

The Wine Estate Karl Petgen is situated in the village of Nennig in the upper areas of the Moselle River in South-West Germany, directly adjacent to the French border. With an ancestry ranging back till 1720 it is evidently the oldest wine estate in Saarland. All the vineyards are located directly in Nennig and offer the best soils for cultivating extraordinary wine. Since early on, the wine estate Karl Petgen was involved in activities which in today’s world could be categorized under “Biodiversity Management”: As early as 1924 grandfather Peter Pegen cultivated the Auxerrois Grape for the first time in Germany. While this grape is also less common in France, the grape is known among wine enthusiasts for an intense bouquet and fruity taste. Within the system of FAIR’N GREEN for sustainable wine the wine estate Karl Petgen now continues its development towards sustainability.

Wine Estate Karl Petgen offers Sustainable Wine from Germany

For further information, visit: http://www.karl-petgen.de/
Location of the winery Karl Petgen