“Excellent wines are produced only with accuracy in the vineyards consistent with nature. Hence we maintain our soil sustainable in order to keep its vitality – especially for further generations of humen and vine stocks.The philosopy of FAIR’N GREEN reflects exaclty this vision of sustainable viniculture. It is linked to socieltal, resposible action and fair cooperation between staff customers and suppliers.”


The wine estate  Karl Pfaffmann is operated by several generations. The vineyards are located near by the municipality of Walsheim. In total the plant consists out of 60 hectare. The wine estate Pfaffmann is working with accuracy in consistency with nature. Therefore the quality is already formed at the wine stock.

For further information, visit:

Vinothek Karl Pfaffmann
Nussdorfer Straße 2
D-76833 Walsheim
Tel. +49 6341 – 9 69 130
Fax +49 6341 – 6 26 09

Location of the winery Karl Pfaffmann