“FAIR’N GREEN suits us well. The holistic and practice oriented approach of analysis of all aspects of the wine making process, with out limitations on cellar and vineyards enthused us. While some aspects get out of focus during the daily routine, FAIR’N GREEN helps us keeping an eye on, and furthermore encourages us to improve ourselves even if terms get uncomfortable or seem circumstantial. For the collective good of humans and nature” 

Weingut Lubentiushof Steillage Mosel

Weingut Lubentiushof Weingut Lubentiushof Steillagen Weinbau Mosel

Since 1994, Andreas and Susanne Barth, two career changers, are cultivating approx. 5 hectares of vineyards in Niederfell at the banks of Moselle river. During this time, the area grew to almost double the original size. The winery exclusively cultivates Riesling on solely in steep vineyards, impassable for mashines. Since the end of 2014, the wine estate Lubentiushof is a member of FAIR’N GREEN and promotes sustainable viniculture.

For further information, visit: https://www.lubentiushof.de/index.html

Location of the winery Lubentiushof