“Sustainability is a key term for our generation, for only with sustainable management in social, ecological and economic fields we are able to secure the viticulture, wine cultural landscape and therefore our livelihood and those of future generations!”

The Meyer-Näkel vineyard in Dernau has already existed for five generations and has traditionally cultivated with passion and an uncompromisingly awareness for quality wines, mainly red. 90 percent of the 18 hectares wine growing area are planted with Pinot noir and Frühburgunder that grow on the steep, slate shaped sitings of the Mittelahr.

The Meyer-Näkel Burgundy wines are characterised by their minerality and elegance. The easily warmed and rich of skeletal material soils mould the character of the wines: they are mineral, fruity and lasting and have a well balanced tannin structure. The philosophy of family Näkel has always been to preserve the specific terroir of the wines and to bring out its full potential.

For further information, visit: http://www.meyer-naekel.de/

Location of the winery Meyer-Näkel