"From the moment we plant vines in the soil, we influence a natural cycle. Long-term responsibility and a holistic view of this cycle are prerequisites for our work in the vineyard and cellar. We share this conviction with FAIR'N GREEN."

- Wine Estate Möhr-Niggli


Wine Estate Möhr-Niggli

The wine estate Möhr-Niggli in Maienfeld in Switzerland is now managed by Matthias and Sina Gubler-Möhr in the second generation. At the beginning of the 90s, Sina's parents Forti and Magda Möhr-Niggli fulfilled a dream and turned their hobby into their profession. After several years of apprenticeship and traveling in Italy, France, Chile and California, Sina Gubler-Möhr and her husband returned to the parents' business. Here they particularly appreciate the great diversity of their own business and the direct contact with the customer.

Today, the wine estate cultivates 3.7 hectares of vineyards. With the first collective wine, the PILGRIM, Matthias and Sina Gubler-Möhr have already set a milestone. The Clos Martha from the vineyard of Matthias family in Maisprach BL is also pressed in Maienfeld.


Weingut Möhr-Niggli
Steigstraße 22a
CH-7304 Maienfeld
Fon: +41 81 330 / 1083

Photo: provided by wine estate Möhr-Niggli