“Even before we took over the management of the Ruetihof winery in 2004, the topics of sustainability, ecology and environmental protection have shaped our private and professional lives. In our wine-growing business this commitment comes into play in all respects. At FAIR’N GREEN, we find expert support and exchange with other growers to help us evolve.” 

– Monica Hasler and Mathias Bürgi 

Link to the vineyard Ruetihof: https://www.weingut-ruetihof.ch/

Our winery Ruetihof is located in Uerikon (municipality Staefa, Switzerland) on the right shore of Lake Zurich and has been managed since 1885 and 5 generations by the Hasler family. Of the

The farm consists of a house with winery, the neighboring chalet (Stöckli) and the time-honored Ruetihof-Schueuer, where we organize our tastings and events.
Since 2004 we, Monica Hasler Buergi and Matthias Buergi run the Ruetihof. Monica studied biology and got involved in detours at the parental vineyard. At the winemaker’s office, she loves working outdoors especially. The training as a biologist is her in the management of vines and winemaking a good foundation. Matthias grew up in the city of Bern. The study of environmental science has brought him to Zurich and love to the Ruetihof. In addition to his varied work at the Ruetihof, he also works as a scientist: At the Swiss Federal Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape (WSL), he heads the research group “Land Use History”.

With the birth of our son Luzian on 1 June 2008, we have become a small family.
In order to be able to handle the work on our manual work, we depend on a committed and reliable team. We greatly appreciate the support of our two longtime employees Pawel and Piotr Domanski.

Our vineyards cover 5 hectares in the Staefner locations Ruetihof, Laubisrueti and Risi. Some of our parcels are extremely steep, which is why mechanization is limited. Although manual labor is time-consuming, it has the advantage that quality can be systematically promoted with every step of the way. Thanks to reduced yields, we produce optimally mature, healthy grapes.
Our vines are not only production areas, but also part of a diverse landscape and thus habitat for plants, animals and humans. What also thrives and lives between the rows of vines or in the adjacent hedges and flower meadows is important to us. In 2004, we renatured a small wetland and are watching with excitement, as nature conquers this area back.
We understand the vineyard as a diverse ecosystem that wants to be carefully managed. Soil fertility and beneficials are promoted, chemical adjuvants used restrained. The confrontation with the natural conditions is the basis for terroir-typical wines.

On our slopes are 8 varieties of grapes in cultivation, including the classics Pinot Noir / Pinot noir and Riesling Sylvaner, the traditional local variety Raeuschling and pioneering new breeds such as Cabernet Dorsa.


  • Red White
  • Blauburgunder/Pinot Noir
  • Riesling-Sylvaner
  • Zweigelt
  • Räuschling
  • Merlot
  • Gewurztraminer
  • Cabernet Dorsa
  • Gamaret

Our winesIn the cellar, we want to bring the potential of harvested grapes optimal development. From pressing to bottling, we carefully monitor the evolution of each individual wine.
Our goal is rich wines, which convince by variety-typicality and character and as a natural product the terroir and our individual handwriting in Rebbau and pressing are reflected.

RH 4 Schriftzug Ranke Name white red

Location of the winery Ruetihof