Nachhaltiger Weinbau bei Weingut von Hoevel

FAIR’N GREEN is an initiative that assesses a business both sustainably and holistically. The main reasons for our membership with FAIR’N GREEN is the opportunity to increase the efficiency by which we follow the path we have chosen: Shape the future of the wine estate in a way, in which all aspects of futureproof management are considered.

– Maximilian von Kunow – Wine Estate von Hövel

Certain wine estates are especially rich in history and the Wine estate von Hövel is one of those: Around 1826 the wine estate was passed on to the son of Emmerich Grach, a successful businessman and elected official of the city of Trier. This son then again bequeathed the wine estate to his grandson in law, Balduvin von Hövel, after whom the wine estate was named henceforth. The name giver was a forester in the official hunting tenancy of the head of state during the time of the German Empire and later the Weimarer Republic. In the 1950s the wine estate was acquired by Irmgard and Friedrich von Kunow, who are in return relatives of the former owner, Emmerich Grach. Since 2010 the operations of the wine estate are led by Maximilian von Kunow , who by now is the seventh generation in charge of Winestate von Hövel.

Like many wine estates of the Moselle region the wine estate von Hövel specializes in Riesling. It owns the exclusive sites “Oberemmeler Hütte” and “Kanzemer Hörecker” which are cultivated with wine for centuries.

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