„It is our goal to shape viticulture on the Wuertzberg at the Saar river in such a way that the winery can survive in the long term. For us, that means using the resources that nature makes available to us on the steepest slopes of the Saar as carefully as possible. The biodiversity of the local wine culture landscape is unique. We are happy to face this responsibility every day. But that's not all. We strive to constructively use the personal, social and cultural diversity available in the winery. This holistic view helps us every day to let the fire of enthusiasm burn for the production of authentic wines from steep slopes. The objectives of FAIR'N GREEN are thus completely in line with our values and goals and help us to meet our high expectations even better. We are proud to be a member of Fair and Green e.V. and look forward to exchanging ideas with like-minded people.“

- Annalena und Felix Heimes


Wine Estate Wuertzberg

The traditional wine estate Wuertzberg is the first winery on the Saar and is now managed by the siblings Annalena and Felix Heimes. The neo-renaissance style building, which is home to the winery, was inaugurated in 1905 and is listed as the "Wuertzberg Monument Zone" together with the surrounding area. Perched high above the Saar, it not only offers the winegrowing business premises and the Heimes family a home, but with a holiday apartment it also offers tourists the opportunity to get to know the unique ensemble better.

In addition to Riesling, the family business also grows Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir and Auxerrois on around 17 hectares. Much of the vineyard area is made up of traditional steep slopes, including world-famous top locations such as Ockfener Bockstein, Serriger Herrenberg and Serriger Wuertzberg.


The Heimes siblings have high demands on their work and, with a lot of manual work and passion, produce authentic wines that reflect their origins. Sustainability and quality orientation are the cornerstones of their work, so that traditional working methods and modern technology go hand in hand. For example, all wines are fermented spontaneously with the natural yeasts found on the grapes - in wooden barrels or stainless steel tanks, depending on the planned style of the finished product.

Due to its cultural and historical importance, the Wuertzberg winery is the ideal location for events such as the SaarRiesling summer, farm festivals and an annual Christmas market. In addition, the winery not only offers wine tastings with cellar tours for private groups, associations and companies, but also vineyard tours that provide an idea of what it means in everyday life to work such steep locations by hand.


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