Winemaker Sommerach Fair’n Green certified

The Sommerach winegrowers are committed to sustainability and take responsibility for people, nature and climate. With the 2019 vintage, the cooperative was certified according to the Fair'n Green guidelines for the first time.

Bonn/Sommerach 07/04/2020

After one year of preparation, the winegrowing families of the Sommerach cooperative have successfully passed the certification according to the standards of the Fair and Green e.V. association. The wines of the 2019 vintage may carry the seal for sustainable management that is recognized in the wine world. From farm management to value-added chains, resource conservation and ecology to social aspects, the Sommerach winegrowers are committed to further continuous development with the aim of keeping the footprint of their actions on the environment as small as possible and assuming responsibility for people and nature. Already today, the cooperative has been able to demonstrate strong performance in several areas of sustainability within the scope of certification.

„We don't think in years, but in generations, that's one of our rules of dissent", Frank Dietrich, chairman of the Sommerach local cooperative, reports. "As the oldest Franconian winegrowers' cooperative, we not only work uncompromisingly on outstanding wine quality, but also protect and preserve the resources available to us. We are indebted to our winegrowing families, who cultivate their vineyards with heart and soul and passion, for the most part as a sideline. Fair'n Green accompanies us holistically and continuously to sustainably maintain the small structures in our winegrowing villages and to ensure the economic activity of our families in the future.

Fair'n Green was developed by leading wineries in cooperation with science and applies internationally established principles and scientific findings for life cycle assessment and the determination of the  CO2 footprint. Currently, around 70 renowned national and international wine producers are allowed to carry the Fair'n Green seal.

"We are pleased to welcome the Sommerach Winegrowers' Cooperative, one of the most traditional cooperatives in Franconia and Germany, to Fair'n Green. The cooperation with the cooperative in recent months shows a great commitment of the winegrowing families in terms of environmentally friendly management, a regionally rooted social commitment and an understanding of business that is geared towards the future", explains Keith Ulrich from the Association for Sustainable Winegrowing.

Unity is strength - since 1901. 35 Sommerach families came together at the beginning of the last century due to economic hardship and established their SOMMERACH WINEMAKERS cooperative. A series of poor vintages, hitherto unknown diseases of the vines and a complete lack of marketing opportunities presented the families in need at the time with the choice of either giving up viticulture or summoning all their courage and pioneering spirit to help themselves to a better livelihood through a type of community hitherto unknown in Franconia. Since then a common vision has determined the path of the winegrowing families. Today the cooperative consists of 90 families. Without compromise, they produce grapes for great wines in their small plots and farm sizes, leaving nothing to chance. Their craftsmanship, the tirelessness of each individual and the high standards of the cooperative make the Sommerach winegrowers one of the best wine producers in the region.


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