„As the oldest Franconian winegrowers' cooperative, we not only work uncompromisingly to achieve outstanding wine quality, but also protect and preserve the resources available to us. We are indebted to our winegrowing families, who cultivate their vineyards with heart and soul and passion, for the most part as a sideline. FAIR'N GREEN accompanies us holistically and continuously to sustainably maintain the small structures in our winegrowing villages and to ensure the economic activity of our families in the future.“

- Frank Dietrich, Board of the WINEMAKERS SOMMERACH



At the beginning of the 20th century, 35 families in the Franconian village of Sommerach came together out of economic hardship and established the WINEMAKERS SOMMERACH cooperative. They thus founded the first and thus oldest winegrowers' cooperative in Franconia.

Today, the cooperative is made up of 90 families, whose common ambition is to produce wines with soul, passion and character, which have already received many awards. In their small plots, the families produce great wines. Thanks to the selective harvest, which is indispensable, nothing is left to chance. The work of each individual makes the cooperative WINEMAKERS SOMMERACH one of the best wine producers in the region. The winegrowing families take responsibility for the environment and the preservation of resources in their economic activities. For their work the families receive a fair wage through the cooperative.


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