Our motivation? To cultivate honest values and honest wines. In harmony with nature for 3 generations. Tradition complemented by innovation, accompanied and sustainably developed with FAIR'N GREEN."

- Roman Rutishauser


Winery am Steinig Tisch

The family winery at Steinig Tisch is managed in the third generation since 2015 by Roman Rutishauser. It was founded by August Rutishauser in 1970, and from 1981 it was professionalized and further developed by Christoph Rutishauser. The Swiss winery is idyllically located east of the upper Lake Constance on the ridge of the Buechberg between the communities of Rorschach and Rheineck. In the mild climate, eight different grapes thrive here in extreme steep slopes on poor clayey soil, which make up the character of the winery. For several years now fungus-resistant wines, Piwis for short, have been cultivated at Steinigtisch for several years. This future-oriented approach is reflected in the motto of the estate: traditional, innovative and close to nature.


Through a careful and sustainable cultivation Roman Rutishauser produces top quality wines. To preserve and promote biodiversity, peaches, almonds, roses, olives and figs, among others, grow in the vineyards. A dry stone wall about one kilometer long and other structures such as piles of branches or flowering mixtures provide additional habitat for biodiversity. In late fall and winter, sheep can even be seen in the vineyards, used as "mowers" for gentle mowing. After a careful harvest, the passion and passion of the winemaker are continued in the cellar. There, 14 different first-class quality wines of the highest quality are produced. The classics are the Riesling-Sylvaner and the Violin, but also internationally known varieties such as the Sauvignon blanc and the Pinot Noir. Particularly noteworthy is the Kerner, which was the first to be grown in Switzerland by the winery at Steinig Tisch in 1973.


Roman Rutishauser

Weingut am Steinig Tisch
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Photo: provided by the winery Steinig Tisch