"According to the philosophy "you don't make a wine, a wine is made", we not only strive for sustainable vineyard management, but also process our grapes with care for the wine and nature. This helps to preserve the quality of our grapes and to achieve top wines from them. The overall footprint of Fair'n Green is convincing and the international standard creates transparency in the flood of labels. Being fair is the prerequisite for a team you can rely on".

- Mathias Bechtel, Bechtel Winery

Bechtel Winery -
"modern and individually adapted"

In the Zurich Unterland, more precisely in Eglisau on the Rhine, Mathias Bechtel (39 years old) has fulfilled his dream of owning his own winery. Over 4.5 hectares of vineyards are being created here. Highly modernised, simple and adapted to the needs of the trained cellar master, the critically acclaimed wine collections are created. According to Bechtel, the new cellar offers the possibility to adjust temperatures individually. In this way, work can be done particularly gently. The winery is located directly at the foot of the Eligsau vineyard "Vorder Stadtberg", in whose melioration planning Bechtel is involved.

Vorder Stadtberg -
"sustainable viticulture is being created here"

As a member of the board of the melioration cooperative, Mathias Bechtel is significantly involved in the planning and implementation of the vineyard's transformation. In addition to the terracing, which allows for a careful application of plant protection products and thus reduces their use, ecological hotspots are distributed over the entire area. These ecological islands are connected by a network of rough pastures. A project that points the way to how viticulture can function while taking sustainability and biodiversity into account.



Mathias Bechtel

Rebbergstrasse 18
CH-8193 Eglisau
Tel.: 078 / 683 74 31

Website: www.bechtel-weine.ch
Mail: info@bechtel-weine.ch

Photos: provided by Mathias Bechtel