The more the better? For us, a slogan out of date! Because at Dr. Koehler, less is more. We stand for down-to-earth and sustainably produced wines with a clear line. Wines that do not have to pretend and always reflect their origin. In the search for modern concepts and projects, fair dealings, not only with long-standing partners, but also with nature, always have top priority - for sustainable growth and a climate-neutral future. In this, Save Climate supports us in the long-term reduction of CO2 emissions."

- Christian Dreissigacker


Winery Dr. Koehler

The Dr. Koehler winery has been run by Christian Dreißigacker for over 14 years. On the approx. 21 hectares of vineyards, great importance is attached to sustainable production. On the one hand, wine quantities produced by the winery itself and on the other hand, externally procured quantities of wine are processed. The company already works in a controlled environmentally friendly manner according to the principle of sustainable viticulture. We at Dr.Koehler also see the "FAIR'N GREEN" certification as a good instrument for making viticulture more sustainable.

Since 2021, the Dr. Koehler "series" or assortment of the winery is considered CO2 neutral. For the winery, the corporate and product carbon footprint is determined on the basis of greenhouse gas balances, including indirect emissions (Scope 3). All life cycle stages of the products are taken into account, apart from the negligible use phase.

As a minimum, the company's climate protection plan is to achieve a 20% reduction in current emissions from 2020 to 2030 within the framework of the Federal Climate Protection Act (KSG). Unavoidable emissions from the life cycle phases of raw material procurement and pre-production, production, distribution and storage, and disposal and/or recycling are offset by climate protection projects.


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