For us, sustainable work and climate neutrality are essential for the further development of Dreissigacker and ultimately the key to success. In line with our vision, we want to share and promote knowledge in the community and, above all, develop it as a team. In many areas, we are already very far advanced in terms of sustainable work. Nevertheless, we are aware that we can achieve our ambitious sustainability goals even faster and more effi ciently by working together with FAIR'N GREEN. We know the value of a strong partnership. That is why we have chosen FAIR'N GREEN.“

- Jochen Dreissigacker


Winery Dreissigacker

For more than 15 years, Jochen Dreissigacker has been cultivating the vineyards in Bechtheim and Westhofen together with his family and team. During this time, there have been outstanding and challenging years - because nature writes its own rules. As a winemaker, you adapt to these and try to prepare the vineyards and vines as best as possible for what may come. We believe that only healthy and strong plants can withstand the weather conditions, so we invest most of our work in the cultivation of our vineyards. We put almost 1000 hours of manual labor into one hectare of cultivated land each year. We rely on time, because in the end it is time that gives our Rieslings their full splendor. In the middle of Rheinhessen and around Bechtheim and Westhofen are the six vineyards of Weingut Dreissigackers. Each vineyard is individual, very multifaceted and characterizes the Dreissigacker wines in its very own way.


The vineyards in Bechteim, Geyersberg, Hasensprung and Rosengarten are spoiled with plenty of sunshine almost all year round and make you taste the warmth with every sip. The grapes from the vineyards in Westhofen take more time to ripen due to the cooler climate and produce mineral Rieslings. With a lot of ambition and enthusiasm, Jochen Dreissigacker has led his parents' winery in Bechtheim into the future. His maxim? Think disruptively. Never standing still. And, as paradoxical as it sounds, he gives his top wines one thing above all else: plenty of time.



Weingut Dreissigacker
Untere Klinggasse 4
67595 Bechtheim

Tel. +49 (0) 6242-2425

Photos: provided by Winery Dreissigacker