"For us, it is important to work in harmony with nature in order to take responsibility for future generations. But other processes are also important for the idea of sustainability. In FAIR'N GREEN, we have found a partner who has convinced us with its holistic sustainability concept. So that, our family winery, is even better prepared for the tasks ahead in the future. "

- Erich Stachel


Winery Stachel

Our winery has been a family business for generations and cultivates 19 hectares of vines around Maikammer Pfalz area Südliche Weinstraße.Our greatest asset is the health and fertility of our soils. Erich Stachel has been a successful winemaker for decades. He has spent most of his life in the vineyard and has been able to pass on his experience and passion for winemaking to his son Matthias. Like his father, Matthias Stachel learned his trade from scratch and successfully completed his training at top wineries and as a viticultural technician.


His thirst for knowledge and curiosity about everything to do with viticulture then drove him halfway around the world: in California and New Zealand, he acquired knowledge about grape varieties that are less known or at least not cultivated in this country, the viticultural techniques practised there and other extensive specialist knowledge. Since 2003, he has been responsible for the cultivation and development of the wines.
A harmonious relationship between awareness of tradition, openness and innovative spirit, competence paired with experience and then motivation combined with passion, these are parameters that promise quality and success.



Erich Stachel
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