"The FAIR'N GREEN certification helps immensely to get a holistic view in terms of sustainability on what is happening in and around the winery."

- Philipp Wittmann

Winery Wittmann

Since 1663, the Wittmanns and their ancestors have been winegrowers in the old market town of Westhofen, in southern Rheinhessen. From this long tradition, the winery has developed over the centuries into its present form. Philipp Wittmann and his wife Eva share the management of the estate with Philipp's parents, Günter and Elisabeth Wittmann. 30 hectares of vineyards are cultivated. Most of them are planted with Riesling vines, but Burgundy varieties and Silvaner also have a long tradition in Westhofen. For more than 20 years, all vineyards have been cultivated in a controlled organic way. The vines are deeply rooted in the living soil; this promotes the expression of the terroir in the wine.


Since 2004, the vineyards have been cultivated biodynamically. For us, biodynamic viticulture means in practice a lot of extra manual work on the vine, making optimal use of sun, wind and precipitation. The uncompromising renunciation of synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and mineral fertilisers keeps our soils alive and ensures deep rooting of the vines.

Healthy vines thrive on our healthy soils and ultimately guarantee our wine quality and the optimal expression of the terroir in our wines.

Loosely based on the old winemaker's adage that "the wine is made in the vineyard", the biodynamic cultivation of the vineyards gives us the opportunity to vinify wines with character, depth and complexity.

Intensive manual work in the vineyard ensures the highest possible grape quality in the winery. Only the best Riesling wines of a vintage bear the names of Westhofen's top vineyards AULERDE, KIRCHSPIEL, BRUNNENHÄUSCHEN and MORSTEIN. The soils of these sites are mainly characterised by clay marl with limestone inlays.



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